The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Intelligence
2023 edition

Also known as AI.

Artificial Intelligence is a broad term covering machines that extract data from their environment and apply that data to achieving objectives. The field has moved on from machines using programmed algorithms and most AI systems now use machine learning to devise their own paths, often opaque to humans, to achieving their outcomes. We live in an age that relies on acquiring, interpreting and applying vast amounts of data far beyond the ability of human capacity, so AI is no longer driven by academic curiosity and is developing rapidly out of sheer necessity.

In this century the uses of AI have exploded to range from facial and voice recognition, interpreting collisions between sub-atomic particles, identifying and mediating risks in large computer network systems and controlling autonomous vehicles, to name just a few of many. No business leader can neglect AI’s potential uses in, and impact on, their own enterprise or that of their competitors.

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