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Warehouse stories

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Tasty Fresh sees 35% improvement in warehouse productivity
August 2022
Tasty Fresh has implemented a Dematic voice offering, transforming its stocktake and supply chain operations to facilitate a 35% more productive warehouse.
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Data Lake
How to keep your data lake initiative from becoming a data swamp
August 2022
Enterprises can utilise data lakes to increase agile data delivery; however, they can't reap those benefits without addressing the challenges.
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WesTrac to streamline DC operations with Dematic's AutoStore
July 2022
WesTrac has announced plans to automate operations at its distribution center in Tomago, NSW, with the deployment of an AutoStore solution from Dematic.
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Sustainable IT
Responsible Technology, Sustainable Future: How technology will help companies become carbon neutral by 2030
March 2022
Climate change is becoming a high profile topic all around the world - it is a Pandora’s box that will continue to unleash complex consequences that are increasingly challenging for humanity to assess and cope with. 
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NEC develops autonomous mobile robot control technology
January 2022
NEC Corporation has announced the development of a control technology that doubles the efficiency of autonomous mobile robots in warehouses while maintaining a high level of safety. 
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Logistics systems
Acclimation launches warehouse management app
February 2021
The app is designed to extend SAP capabilities across the warehouse, bringing real-time data on stock management throughout the day.
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Firebolt scores funding, advances cloud data warehouse offering
December 2020
"For companies to flourish today, they need to move fast, and they should not be forced to make data compromises to achieve only a small part of the business value that their data holds."
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Inventory management systems
Infor a Leader in Magic Quadrant for warehouse management
March 2020
Joins five other vendors in the Leader quadrant, and 13 other vendors all up in Garnter’s Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems.
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Mobis Parts Australia uses wearables to improve warehouse management
January 2020
Mobis Parts Australia (MPAU) has been working closely with global enterprise technology provider Zebra, as part of a mission to improve MPAU’s existing warehouse management system.
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Increase inventory efficiency with this secure, intuitive solution
May 2018
This next generation of the MC3000 series offers everything needed to run current terminal emulation (TE) applications right out of the box.
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Want a more productive workplace? A simple device can save you over an hour a day
February 2016
Accurate and timely order picking in a warehouse is critical to ensuring delivery of the right products, at the right time, to the right customer.
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Children need imagination...
July 2015
"Now why is this product of any importance at all? Because this shows the change in society, it shows the impact of technology on this new generation"
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Noel Leeming
Celebrating Maclean toasts Noel Leeming sale
November 2013
Maclean Technology partners and customers turned out on Friday night to mark 'a major milestone' in the company's history, with a launch event following the company's sale to Noel Leeming Group.
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Supply chain software company looking to re-establish in NZ
July 2011
"My experience is New Zealanders tend to have an open mind and like to try new things."