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Sherwin Kukreja - Head of Social Media

Bonsey Jaden appoints Sherwin Kukreja as Head of Social Media

By Zach Thompson
Fri, 9th Sep 2022

Backed by digital technology group CUE, the company continues to expand and strengthen its expertise and leadership team across Asia Pacific through a continued investment in its talents.

As Bonsey Jaden's new Head of Social Media, Sherwin Kukreja comes into the role with more than enough to go on, having occupied the same position for digital telco Yoodo under Celcom in Malaysia. He also runs on the principle that everything one experiences should inform the next thing.

"I've been on the client side as well," says Kukreja of his three years with Celcom, "and my international experience will certainly contribute to what I hope to achieve here [in Bonsey Jaden]."

"We are so excited to have Sherwin on board with us, giving us fresh leadership and experience in a key part of our business." says Bonsey Jaden Co-founder and CEO Daniel Posavac.

"We love the diversity of experiences and skillets from talent who don't take the traditional pathway: not exactly studying advertising, but picking up principles and skills through the years.

"I personally believe that if you've got the passion for it, nothing will stand in the way of a successful career, and Sherwin is certainly a great example of that.

"This particular role is integral to driving excellent digital experiences for our client, with social media remaining a prime marketing channel, and Sherwin's personal emphasis on cultivating meaningful relationships reassures us that we're headed in the right direction."

This new role at Bonsey Jaden is Kukreja's re-entry into the agency end of the digital marketing and branding world.

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