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BBIX Philippines, ePLDT and PLDT Enterprise unite to advance digital connectivity
Fri, 22nd Dec 2023

The partnership of BBIX Philippines (BBIX PH), ePLDT, and PLDT Enterprise marks a substantial step forward in the Philippines' digital ecosystem, according to a new statement by the company.

These three entities state they plan to unite their industry expertise to elevate the nation's connectivity landscape, potentially fostering a more robust and resilient digital future.

In an age where smooth connectivity is vital to digital transformation, these partnerships can play a significant role in enhancing network infrastructure and ensuring seamless communication.

"With the strategic collaboration among BBIX, ePLDT, and PLDT Enterprise, we envision a transformative future for the Philippine internet industry," said Michikazu Fukuchi, BBIX Philippines President and CEO. He added that this partnership represents BBIX's commitment to raising the standards of connectivity and contributing to a more digitally inclusive world.

BBIX PH is a leading Internet Exchange service provider, widely acknowledged for consistently delivering high-quality, low-latency connectivity solutions. It has, therefore, been instrumental in shaping the Philippines' digital future. Concurrently, ePLDT, as the largest data centre operator in the country, offers a suite of outcome-based solutions including multi-cloud and managed services.

PLDT Enterprise, meanwhile, is committed to providing innovative fixed-line, wireless, and ICT solutions critical for businesses' digital transformation, allowing them to stay ahead of evolving technological needs, optimise efficiency, ensure continuity and enhance the customer experience.

This collaboration also involves setting up the VITRO Sta. Rosa hyperscale data centre, projected to go live in early 2024. "Our VITRO Sta. Rosa is the crown jewel of the Philippines' data centre landscape."

"Once it goes live in early 2024, it will be the country's most modern, most sustainable, and first true hyperscale data centre," commented ePLDT President and CEO, Victor Genuino, "Our partnership with BBIX PH will help ensure that we have the best-in-class platform for our partners and services for our customers."

The joint initiative is set to open up new possibilities for businesses, government agencies and individuals across the Philippines, with the implementation of new Internet Exchange points in ePLDT VITRO Data Centres in Makati 1, Makati 2, and Pasig.

These developments will assist local and Southeast Asian content service providers and Internet service providers with easier access to BBIX Philippines services.

"We take immense pride in empowering businesses nationwide with digital capabilities, enabling them to realise transformative visions," said Mitch Locsin, First Vice President and Head of Enterprise & International Business Groups of PLDT and Smart.

He added that their commitment remains steadfast, with an aim to keep advancing alongside businesses, fostering a digitally enabled nation bolstered by cutting-edge technologies. Therefore, the partnership among BBIX PH, ePLDT, and PLDT Enterprise ushers in a promising era where connectivity becomes a catalyst for progress in the Philippines.