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Google Cloud and Klook initiative to boost customer engagement with AI
Fri, 24th Nov 2023

Google Cloud and Klook, a platform for experiences and travel services in Asia, have come together on a new initiative. The collaboration aims to use generative AI from Google Cloud to augment Klook's activity content and customer engagement channels. The venture aims to improve Klook's translations and customer service AI, and will also boost its data capabilities.

The partnership will initiate with automated translation features. Klook has instructed Google Cloud's generative AI with its previously translated activity information, enabling it to manufacture translations into ten languages. Klook will soon extend this across all activity-related content, enhancing customer experience across different regions.

Chief Technology Officer and the co-founder of Klook, Bernie Xiong, elaborated on the motives behind the collaboration: “We take great pride in being in-destination experts."

"We are committed to making this entire journey seamless, effortless and in the language that best suits our travellers preferences. Our pilot proved that with Google Cloud's generative AI capabilities, we can deliver this complete brand experience at scale without any compromise on content quality or accuracy.”

Following the successful pilot programme where Google Cloud's PaLM 2 large language model was used to translate existing descriptions and information into Simplified Chinese and Korean, Klook will extend the capabilities leveraged to other functions, such as content generation and its K.AI chatbot.

Functions of the K.AI chatbot, bolstered by Google Cloud's generative AI, will include travel recommendations, booking status checks, and handling related transactions.

The technology is designed to help create a smoother onboarding experience for vendors by automatically generating short-form descriptions and details about their activities. Ultimately, these improvements are expected to boost employee productivity within Klook. The AI enhancements are set to offer a personalised, high-accuracy, and trusted customer service experience.

The collaboration will also explore the potential applications of BigQuery and Google Kubernetes Engine across Klook to bolster its analytics and applications on an organisation-wide basis. Future generative AI deployments across Google Cloud and Google Ads are anticipated to allow Klook to identify new chances for customer engagement, providing more personalised content and value-added services.

Kathy Lee, managing director, Google Cloud in North Asia, stated: “Klook's use of generative AI has the potential to significantly boost both internal productivity and customer engagement, enhancing the uniqueness of their brand and value proposition while also strengthening trust and security for their customers. They've already gained a crucial first-mover advantage in personalising and localising travel experiences with generative AI.”

Lee expressed optimism about the future of the collaboration and the strengthening of Klook's digital leadership with Cloud and AI across their business.