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Access Control stories

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Cyber Criminal
Identity and access: the fight is on
July 2022
Blue team defenders are used to protecting our data, applications, and users with access controls and other security mechanisms, which is why attacks like this are especially challenging when they target identity and access control systems.
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Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric releases new certification to help meet digital security needs
February 2022
Schneider Electric has announced a new security technology certification in an effort to keep engineers further accredited as Australia makes the switch to more digitised buildings.
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Netcetera partners with EML Payments Ltd. to enhance secure payment solutions
January 2022
EML Payments Ltd. has partnered with secure digitisation company Netcetera to implement their state-of-the-art Access Control Server (ACS), which includes a Risk Based Authentication (RBA) solution.
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CyberArk releases updates to deliver broader identity protection
June 2021
CyberArk has advanced its identity security platform with new cloud solutions and shared services, in a bid to secure risky access and deliver broad identity protection.
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Network Security
Vault Cloud and Aruba partner to benefit Aus Government and critical industries
February 2021
Vault Cloud has signed a partnership with Aruba, the HPE company, with the intention of bringing improved security solutions to government and critical industries.
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Financial firms exposing data through mismanaged access controls - Varonis
November 2020
Almost two-thirds of the analysed firms leave more than 1000 sensitive files open for every employee to access.
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The intelligent workspace for Australian businesses returning to work
October 2020
With the right workspace management tools, businesses can easily access information about who is in an office, how long they have been there, and how long they can stay.
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Hybrid IT
One Identity & Ping Identity join forces on identity management
August 2020
The partnership brings together Ping Identity's access management technology with One Identity’s identity governance and administration (IGA) technology.
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Remote Working
Extreme Networks touts cloud management as 'new normal'
May 2020
"As we grapple with more data, coming from more places, more connected devices, and more SaaS-based applications, the cloud is becoming fundamental to establishing a new normal.”
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Virtual Private Network
Citrix brings Remote PC Access solution to the cloud
May 2020
"As companies work through addressing any shortcomings, now is an ideal time to consider VDI and other digital workspace technologies that can deliver a secure and productive experience for employees who are working from home.”
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Three ways to protect your business in the cloud
April 2020
A modern BYO-anything workforce means more access points, hidden apps and hurdles to secure across the organisation.
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Business Intelligence
Genetec shows impressive growth, says IHS Markit
August 2019
IHS has named Genetec one of the fastest-growing access control software manufacturers in the world, according to the latest IHS Report.
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CyberArk introduces new partner incentives and programmes
July 2019
“CyberArk has made a commitment to a best-in-class global partner programme that allows partners the flexibility and scalability to capitalise on emerging market trends."
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Genetec announces new line of hybrid access control and intrusion hardware
July 2019
Synergis IX provides a gateway to unified security, enabling customers to manage their security systems on a single interface.
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Physical Security
Cloud-based ID card issuance will reinvent government processes
June 2019
HID Global meets the most demanding requirements for security, quality, and effective program execution in today’s most complex ID programs.
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A/NZ market to benefit from HID Global's new access control solution
September 2018
SMBs are 4x more likely to be victims of crime than homes are, a statistic HID Global is looking to tackle with its latest security solution.