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Digital Transformation
Micro Focus announces availability of enterprise suite on Google Cloud Marketplace
This month
Micro Focus announces the availability of its enterprise suite for application modernisation on Google Cloud Marketplace.  
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Small security teams facing greater risks than large orgs
July 2022
"The survey show how these security experts continue to adapt their protection strategies in response to the ongoing wave of cyber attacks."
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Aussie businesses buckle down on digital tech investments
July 2022
Australian businesses are planning major investments in digital technologies to support ambitious expansion plans.
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IT and security team collaboration crucial to data security
June 2022
Many IT and security decision makers are not collaborating as effectively as possible to address growing cyber threats.
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Hybrid Cloud
Why hybrid cloud could be the future of your corporate IT infrastructure
February 2022
As Australian businesses map out their IT strategies for 2022 and beyond, increasing attention is being given to the potential benefits of hybrid-cloud infrastructures.
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Data analytics
GeoSpock hits $32 million in funding after latest round
October 2020
“We are delighted to have attracted investment and partnerships from such an extraordinary global base of investors which includes market leaders in blockchain, telecoms, smart building and smart cities solution innovators.”
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Kaspersky finds red tape biggest barrier against cybersecurity initiatives
September 2020
The most common obstacles that inhibit or delay the implementation of industrial cybersecurity projects include the inability to stop production (34%), and bureaucratic steps, such as a lengthy approval process (31%) and having too many decision-makers (23%).
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Why CPOs are critical in an agile business
October 2018
"It is the responsibility of the CPO to have a clear view of stakeholder needs, map out a strategy and fine tune it accordingly."
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Digital Transformation
IT strategy should work hand-in-hand with business strategy, expert says
May 2017
IT solutions are unlikely to solve problems if there’s a lack of focus and alignment with business outcomes.
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Service management
Five reasons outsourced service desk demand is on the rise
August 2016
The nature of business is changing, and so is the nature of technology support. With these tips in mind, IT Pros can have their cake and eat it too.
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Is a multiyear approach to IT strategy obsolete?
May 2016
Is a traditional multiyear approach to IT strategy is still relevant when the approach to new initiatives tends to break them into shorter projects?
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ST Telemedia expands data center business in India and Singapore
May 2016
"This new joint venture partnership will now allow us to hone our strategic focus on advanced services within the data center."
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The IT spring clean checklist
November 2011
Finding a system that can adapt to the specific needs of your company is essential.