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Adobe adds innovations and capabilities to Analytics offering
June 2022
Adobe's new services in Analytics deliver a single workspace for brands to unify data and insights across all media types, including metaverse and streaming media
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Snapchat and Ticketmaster announce new media innovation
February 2022
Snapchat and Ticketmaster have announced a partnership that is set to change the ways of event commerce and media.
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Mediaocean identifies challenges and opportunities of omnichannel marketing and CTV
January 2022
"As we head into 2022, it’s heartening to see our market adapt and evolve into one that’s more effective and resilient with leadership taking the inherent challenges in stride.”
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SOLD: Microsoft acquires Xandr from AT&T in a billion dollar deal
December 2021
"As the digital landscape evolves in a post-cookie world, Microsoft and Xandr together will help shape the digital ad marketplace of the future."
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Snowflake launches Media Data Cloud, a collaboration tool for media and advertising
October 2021
“The Snowflake Media Data Cloud will fuel the next wave of innovation in the advertising ecosystem.”
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Isentia infuses AI into media monitoring capabilities
February 2021
Boundary Detection is designed to isolate relevant news items that would otherwise be difficult to determine in some forms of media.
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NZ's tech news sails in the slipstream of healthy tech sector
May 2020
Techday's managing editor explains how New Zealand's tech media flies under the radar, but it doesn't mean we're dead.
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Nutanix partners with Avid to bring HCI to the media industry
April 2020
“This collaboration offers companies a multi-cloud solution to easily support business-critical apps in the industry while providing a platform that is simple, flexible, and powerful.”
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Alibaba Cloud and Animal Logic extend collaboration
October 2019
Through this partnership, the parties hope to drive efficiencies of media production by utilising more cloud computing technologies, according to a statement.
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Stuff unveils video platform
August 2019
The platform continues to build on Stuff’s vision to be a platform for content published by others
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New Zealand
Freeview launches new On Demand experience
July 2018
The new Freeview On Demand supposedly provides a more seamless experience.
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Data Centre Interconnection
‘Significant demand’ drives Wasabi to open new data center on west coast
July 2018
The media and entertainment industry is fuelling Wasabi's expansion at the moment, with the new facility connecting Hollywood and Silicon Valley.
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Trust, truth, and ethics – AI’s role in the media
May 2018
The conclusion drawn was AI is not at the stage when it can take the place of writers, or popular presenters, but is at the stage that it can support.
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Wireless technologies
DIGMYIDEA Maori Innovation Challenge launches
April 2018
The DIGMYIDEA Māori Innovation Challenge is now open, with the competition calling on budding Māori digital entrepreneurs to put their ideas forward.
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New Zealand Herald
NZ Herald relaunches website with a mobile-optimised experience
June 2017
Some of the main changes with the new look include a left-side navigation bar and an indication of how long articles will take to read.
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The BIG question: Is tech making us all dumb?
August 2016
Anyone who has spent time online must’ve asked themselves this question at least once: “When did people become so stupid???”
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Techday remains committed to local operations
April 2016
Without Techday, IT and tech journalism would almost be dead in New Zealand.
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TVNZ launches digital-first news platform
July 2015
“We've really invested in our journalists and our technology to make ONE News Now a reality."
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Maori Television
Maori TV: has editorial independence been compromised?
June 2015
The Labour Party is calling for assurance on Maori TV editorial independence following the shock resignation of Mihingarangi Forbes last week.
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Is printed news destined for the litter tray as more Kiwis head online?
January 2015
The uptake of online newspapers is set to increase further as more Kiwis start reading online.
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Film review
April 2010
By the time you reach around the half-hour mark of Eraserhead, one question will have surfaced in your mind.
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To pay or not to pay
March 2010
NewsA message on just how eagerly Web users might embrace the idea of paying for news online was received loud and clear recently.
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A taste of home
March 2010
In fact, the site has benefited so much from a recent revamp that its traffic has trebled in the last year alone.
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De-duplication technology poised to take over storage market
October 2009
Li said the technology will replace tapes and that data de-duplication will do for the storage industry what the iPod did for the music industry.