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Data Science
Neo4j announces service delivery alliance with Deloitte
Neo4j has announced a service delivery alliance with Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia for a range of services to customers within the region.
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Supply chain
Knowledge graphs and digital twins to optimise supply chains
Organisations are increasingly seeing the potential in digital twins.
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Artificial Intelligence
Neo4j announces availability of graph analytics workspace
Neo4j has announced the availability of Neo4j Graph Data Science, a comprehensive graph analytics workspace built for data scientists.
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Neo4j achieves record growth in Asia Pacific region
Neo4j, the graph data platform, has announced the company has experienced more than 100% growth across Asia Pacific over the past year.
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Uncovering hidden eCommerce, marketing gems through knowledge graphs
Marketers have access to more data than ever before - and it’s growing exponentially. The pandemic-driven acceleration in digitisation has created vast repositories of data around consumers, products and purchases.
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Neo4j builds out ASEAN presence of graph data tech with four new partners
The partnerships aim to extend coverage in the region and meet the demand for graph data platforms required for enterprise innovation and transformation.
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Why graph data platforms are crucial to telco success
Graph data platforms provide telcos with performance boosts and agility benefits over relational databases, enabling new levels of performance and insight.