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Absolute Software recognised in Gartner Hype Cycle for Endpoint Security
Tue, 24th Oct 2023

Absolute Software, the exclusive provider of intelligent, self-healing security solutions, has been acknowledged in the 2023 Gartner Hype Cycle for Endpoint Security as a Representative Vendor in the recently defined Automated Security Control Assessment (ASCA) category.

The Gartner Hype Cycle report offers the most pertinent innovations in the endpoint security arena to assist security leaders in planning the adoption and execution of nascent technologies. Gartner stated, "The Hype Cycle for Endpoint Security tracks developments that help security executives defend their companies."

This year's report includes ASCA, a rising category, for the first time in the Innovation Trigger. Report analysts Evgeny Mirolyubov and Jeremy D'Hoinne noted, "Organisations implementing ASCA processes and technologies enhance staff efficiency, minimise the impact of human errors, and improve resilience in the face of organisational churn. ASCA reduces security control configuration gaps that unnecessarily expose the organisation to otherwise preventable attacks."

John Herrema, Executive Vice President of Strategy at Absolute, emphasised the need for organisations to have solutions that not only protect their endpoints against an ever-expanding range of advanced attacks, but also enhance their ability to minimise disruption and rapidly recover following incidents. "The data we collect from the millions of endpoints using our Application Resilience solution shows that security and management controls experience many millions of non-compliance incidents per year that, fortunately, we can both detect and automatically remediate. It is encouraging to see resilience validated as a critical capability and recognition of vendors delivering on that promise."

Absolute's Secure Endpoint product line features Absolute Visibility, Absolute Control, Absolute Resilience, and Absolute Ransomware Response. Collectively, these offerings secure endpoints from threats and susceptibilities, respond to security violations and instances, and allow detection and automated alleviation needed to autonomously self-heal endpoints and applications.

The resilience and security platform by Absolute Software is embedded in over 600 million devices, providing endpoint-to-network access security coverage, ensuring automated security compliance, and enabling operational continuity. Nearly 21,000 global clients trust Absolute to safeguard their enterprise assets, fortify security and business applications, and provide a frictionless, consistently available user experience.