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Adjust & TikTok publish guide to maximise iOS success with SKAN 4
Thu, 23rd Nov 2023

Adjust in collaboration with TikTok, has issued a new report, "Mastering SKAN 4: The essentials for iOS success", aiming to offer mobile app marketers the insight to enhance the performance of SKAdNetwork (SKAN) campaigns on iOS. The evaluation derived from the beta testing of 37 apps across the US, UK, and Japan, justifies the elongated 35-day attribution window of SKAN 4 leading to a higher volume of conversions, which is instrumental in making a more comprehensive evaluation of campaign effectiveness.

The study finds that TikTok registered an overall improvement of 37% in the cost per acquisition with an exceptional increase of 220% in conversion rates when considering additional conversion values and their impact on performance results. These transformative successes are being attributed to the elongated 35-day attribution window of SKAN 4, in comparison to the 1-3 day window of SKAN 3.

Katie Madding, Chief Product Officer at Adjust, stated, "Mobile app marketers are keen to refine their iOS campaign measurement and optimisation strategies with privacy-centric attribution, but there's still hesitancy about shifting to SKAN 4". She emphasised that with the industry progressing towards favouring user and data privacy, it is crucial to shift the focus toward the possibilities of post-ID attribution on iOS. "The data-backed insights detailed in our guide empower growth marketers to dig into and embrace SKAN 4$B!G(Bs functionality."

The report further details how to leverage the new features of SKAN 4 to maximise campaign visibility and performance on iOS. It goes in-depth into utilisation scenarios for different verticals and business models and discloses how TikTok and Adjust support the functionalities of SKAN 4. It demonstrates, in particular, the technical workings of major features of SKAN 4 that include three attribution windows, fine and coarse conversion values, a shift from campaign ID to source ID, lockWindow, and web-to-app attribution.

Moreover, it provides guidance to marketers about making the switch from SKAN 3 to SKAN 4. It points out that marketers can simultaneously run SKAN 3 and SKAN 4 campaigns and don't need to take direct steps to start receiving SKAN 4 postbacks. Key steps to build a SKAN 4 strategy to start leveraging its features for more granular measurement and growth are highlighted.

The report offers an insight into strategies to unlock the potential of SKAN 4. Marketers can acquire knowledge of how to set up and map conversion values effectively, as well as optimise campaigns for maximum crowd anonymity. It also offers a sneak peek at expected upgrades, additions and wishes for new features in SKAN 5.