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IAS extends AI-driven brand safety measures on Facebook & Instagram
Tue, 6th Feb 2024

Integral Ad Science (IAS), a prominent global company specialising in media measurement and optimisation, has announced its AI-driven Total Media Quality (TMQ) Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement product is now available across Facebook and Instagram Feed and Reels.

The extension of IAS's Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement with Meta offers advertisers enhanced transparency into their ad campaigns, particularly how these campaigns appear alongside content that is deemed safe and appropriate.

Commenting on this development, Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS, stated, "IAS is steadfast in delivering solutions to help marketers measure and optimise performance in dynamic, user-generated social environments like Facebook and Instagram."

She further stated that this expansion aids in brands identifying higher-quality media and facilitates its propagation across these platforms. This represents a crucial progression in assisting brands in improving their brand equity across the digital ecosystem.

New features the advertisers can access include AI-driven classification, where IAS measures posts adjacent to an advertiser's campaign using its Multimedia Technology.

This method provides unique insight into video content via a frame-by-frame analysis of images, audio, and text, ensuring highly accurate measurements. The measurement framework also aligns with the Global Alliance for Responsible Media, offering third-party validated, trusted and industry-transparent metrics. Additionally, advertisers can comprehend how their Meta Inventory Filters are working regarding their campaign goals and make necessary optimizations.

Expressing her perspective on this new offering, Samantha Stetson, Vice President Client Council and Industry Trades at Meta, said, "IAS's release of Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement across Facebook and Instagram is a significant advancement in our consistent efforts to offer transparency and trust across our advertising ecosystem." Stetson emphasised that Meta prioritised responsible marketing and expressed satisfaction about the company's ongoing partnership with IAS to bring forth this essential solution.

With the help of IAS Signal, advertisers can utilise IAS's unified reporting platform to access essential data and insights for seamless handling of their digital campaigns. Karyn Johnson, Vice President of Digital Marketing at Verizon, noted that maintaining the gold standard of brand suitability was of utmost importance as an advertiser and appreciated the additional third-party measurement introduced by IAS.

The partnership between IAS and Meta commenced in 2016, with IAS launching a viewability verification on Facebook. Over the years, IAS has amplified its viewability measurement and reporting across various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook's Audience Network. Additionally, from 2019 onwards, the brand suitability offering was extended to Facebook, followed by the expansion of measurement capabilities with Meta, including viewability and invalid traffic measurement across Facebook and Instagram Reels in 2023.