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Mastercard reveals first-ever album titled Priceless

Mastercard's music album Priceless has been unveiled at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and features 10 songs by 10 artists worldwide.

The album is available first on Spotify and then on other streaming platforms, and each song incorporates the melody of Mastercard's brand sound.

Mastercard joined forces with acclaimed producer Timbaland's Beatclub music creator platform. The company says Timbaland mentored up-and-coming Beatclub music creators as they remixed two standout tracks.

Mastercard's healthcare chief marketing and communications officer and president Raja Rajamannar says the first-ever album featuring the original work of 10 rising artists takes the company's innovative sonic branding approach to a higher, unmatched level.

"From Algeria to Australia and Slovenia to Sweden, each of the artists integrated our melody into their songs and created something that we are all truly proud of! We hope others will enjoy these songs as much as we do," he says.

As part of the Beatclub collaboration, Mastercard will purchase and provide one-year memberships to the Beatclub platform to hundreds of up-and-coming creators from disenfranchised communities.

Timbaland says the partnership is a natural fit given Mastercard and Beatclub's mutual goal of supporting artists and the industry.

"Together we're elevating emerging artists through the power of music and mentorship," he says.

"Providing platforms, tools, and connections for creators to pursue their passions opens doors for countless artists to break into an industry that is often impenetrable."

Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA, a co-founder of Sessions, a platform empowering music creators and a Beatclub partner, says Mastercard's one-of-a-kind album and Beatclub partnership shines a light on supporting emerging artists and creators. He says this will help these talented performers become recognized on a global scale.

Mastercard collaborated closely with executive producer Niclas Molinder to find artists who span a variety of cultures, languages and genres - a core element of the album's identity. The company says each artist was tasked with incorporating the brand's melody into their song, demonstrating how audio branding can be used innovatively.

The album will feature tracks from up-and-coming artists, including Michael Rice (United Kingdom), Shiraz (Lebanon), Good Harvest (Sweden), Alma Lake (Colombia/USA), Raees (Algeria), Tejas (India), Nadine Randle (United Kingdom/Sweden), Tania (Australia), Elle B. (USA) and Amaya (Slovenia).

Mastercard says it has a longstanding relationship with the music industry through its Priceless platform and works with artists like Jennifer Hudson, SZA and others.

The company says Spotify is the world's most popular audio platform with 422 million users across 183 markets and Mastercard's exclusive launch partner.

Mastercard says as a fellow global leader in their respective industry, Spotify is committed to lifting up and supporting emerging artists and will provide an even larger platform for them to connect with a robust global audience of listeners and fans.

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