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Medallia unveils AI product innovations at Experience '24 conference

Mon, 12th Feb 2024

Experience management company, Medallia, has announced the launch of its new AI product innovations, alongside Medallia Agile Research – a cutting-edge self-service market research tool. The announcements were made at its flagship conference - Experience '24.

The four inbound AI solutions are formulated to aid enterprises in delivering personalised, connected experiences at scale and will be included as part of Medallia Experience Cloud. The innovations are powered by generative AI and governed by Medallia's new AI Moderation Council.

Medallia's CEO, Joe Tyrrell, said, “These incredible new generative AI solutions mark a fundamental shift in customer experience, moving from looking at data and analytics, to taking action, in real-time, through automation, to deliver a personalised, instant experience.” Medallia aims to boost its vision of a future steered by responsible AI that continually adapts in real-time to fresh information at every point across both the customer and employee pathways.

The new tech solutions, Ask Athena, Intelligent Summaries, Smart Response, and Themes, are created to enable brands to personalise consumer experiences using cost-effective, responsible, and scalable AI and intelligent automation. Tyrrell added, “We are delivering against our vision of a future driven by responsible AI, built to continually adapt real-time to new information at every point across the customer and employee journey, dynamically training itself with each new signal to personalise every experience and to empower humans to be more effective on the critical tasks they take on.”

AI Moderation Council was created as a measure to encourage innovation whilst ensuring the ethical, responsible, safe, and inclusive use of AI for Medallia's experience products.

Currently, Medallia is also planning to launch an AI Advisory Board that will include participants from its customer and partner communities. According to Simonetta Turek, Chief Product Officer at Medallia, “The AI Moderation Council reflects the importance we place on our customers’ data privacy, security, and responsible use of their data,” adding, “To further these efforts, we are also launching an AI Advisory Board…creating a space where the exchange of learnings, challenges, and best practices can be shared, as well as a focus on the responsible and ethical use of AI.”

Medallia's second announcement reveals the introduction of 'Agile Research'. This advanced market research tool will be fully integrated into Medallia Experience Cloud. The self-service solution is design-engineered to allow customer experience, research, and insights teams to measure and analyse consumer, market and brand insights for a comprehensive view of the business ecosystem.

“The introduction of Medallia Agile Research brings an intuitive, easy to use, self-service market research solution to companies who want to move quickly to conduct market and competitive research, and iterate changes quickly…” remarked Turek.

With the consolidation of Agile Research within the Medallia Experience Cloud, companies are expected to profit from the potential cost savings, speedier insights, global reach, and a unified data platform for consumer analysis.

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