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Qualtrics full XM Discover suite now available through APAC

Qualtrics has announced that its full suite of AI-powered conversational analytics and natural language processing (NLP) technologies, XM Discover, is now available through the AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region.

The expanded offerings from Qualtrics allow businesses and governments across Australia and New Zealand to build a richer understanding of their customer and employee experience by capturing every piece of structured and unstructured customer and employee feedback shared with them - including call centre conversations, chat, social media posts, reviews, and surveys - while complying with local data sovereignty requirements.

With the new additions, organisations can use the sophisticated AI and machine learning capabilities built into the Qualtrics XM Platform to tune into and understand conversations that are already happening, and take direct, targeted action to deliver improved customer and employee experiences. 

Omnichannel conversational analytics extend the power of Qualtrics by enabling organisations to understand the emotion, intensity, and effort behind every customer and employee experience so that customer-facing employees and people managers can resolve issues when and where it matters most.

Tapping into unstructured insights key differentiator

The ability to unlock and act on insights from increasing volumes of unstructured data with Qualtrics is a key differentiator for businesses and governments focused on improving customer and employee experience in Australia and New Zealand. While up to 90% of an organisations data is unstructured, just 18% of companies are able to take advantage of it, according to IDC.

Qualtrics has seen strong global adoption for its AI-powered conversational analytics and NLP technologies, with organisations including KFC, UPS, EY, and American Express going live in recent months. The investment by Qualtrics in Australia and New Zealand follows a commitment to invest US $500m in AI innovation globally over the next four years.

"The new capabilities from Qualtrics in Australia and New Zealand are a game-changer for organisations committed to understanding and responding to the evolving needs of their customers and addressing the needs of a diverse workforce," says Brad Anderson, President of Product, User Experience and Engineering, Qualtrics.

 "Organisations can now analyse and respond to every piece of feedback being shared with them at speed and at scale, which is going to power a shift from transactional to conversational relationships with the people they serve," he says.

"Globally we have seen our customers achieve significant value and efficiencies through this transformation, and we are set to see a similar wave of innovation and impact locally as organisations modernise their experience management programs with Qualtrics."

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