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Thai Nippon Foods bolsters data protection with Synology solution
Thu, 23rd Nov 2023

Following a recent surge in cyber attacks, IT company Synology is showcasing its data protection solutions, with Thai Nippon Foods among its beneficiaries. The move illustrates how businesses urgently need to ensure the security and accessibility of their data in an increasingly vulnerable digital landscape.

Thai Nippon Foods, a noted food manufacturer, has turned to Synology to meet its essential IT requirements, with an emphatic focus on business continuity and data protection. The food manufacturing industry is closely linked to both unbroken production processes and the safe management of sensitive corporate data. Predictable business disruption from unpredictable events like cyber-attacks, hardware failures, or natural disasters necessitate businesses to ensure the dependability, security, and accessibility of their data.

In responding to this imperative, Thai Nippon Foods has endorsed Synology's on-premises storage and backup solution, aiming to maximise data protection and high availability. Thai Nippon Foods voiced their satisfaction with Synology saying, "Synology delivers what we value most: reliability and security for our operations."

Thanks to Synology's data protection suite's ability to provide fast local backup and recovery, paired with Synology High Availability that ensures business and production systems can continue to function during unexpected events, Thai Nippon Foods is now entrusting its digital operations to Synology's comprehensive storage and backup solutions.

By leveraging these solutions, Thai Nippon Foods ensures near-zero downtime for their vital business and production frameworks. This is made achievable via Synology High Availability, which guarantees the company's systems to function without interruption.

Thai Nippon Foods has boosted its data protection measures by incorporating Synology Active Backup for Business into its established backup infrastructure. This flexible backup solution accommodates varied operating systems and points of installation. The on-site architecture of the Active Backup for Business optimises backup and recovery times and adheres to stringent Recovery Time Objective (RTO) standards. Compared to the cloud-based data retrievals, this setup delivers rapid data access and significantly reduces downtime. Thai Nippon Foods, as a result, has security and access to its critical data.

Thai Nippon Foods lauded the enhancement to their data protection capabilities commenting, "With Synology's solutions, we have elevated our data protection capabilities, ensuring business continuity like never before."

Always innovating within data management, Synology's continual adaptation to fast-evolving technologies brings a raft of solutions to the table. These include data storage and backup, file collaboration, video management, and network infrastructure, all packaged into a unified platform to simplify IT administration whilst driving digital transformation across global businesses.