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Convergence stories

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What the metaverse means for retail brands and eCommerce
July 2022
Already retailers are exploring the metaverse as a new platform for sales, what are the possibilities and what do brands need to be thinking about?
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IT siloes dissolving as firms mobilise IT ops & DevOps convergence
February 2021
IT siloes are disappearing legacy processes are on the way out - much of it due to the impact of COVID-19.
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Four tips for organisations to help future-proof their OT security strategy
May 2020
IT and OT networks are founded on different and often conflicting priorities, making IT-OT security challenging for businesses. Only when the needs of both environments are thoroughly understood can digital convergence be successful.
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Huawei releases ShapeCloud DC integration solution
September 2018
Huawei ShapeCloud data center integration solution supposedly helps operators cope with data center requirements and challenges.
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Disruption and digital transformation - highlights from Convergence
November 2017
Scott says New Zealand research shows that only 8% of companies are prioritising the transformation of products.
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When multi-cloud convergence hits a tipping point
December 2016
Cloud adoption has matured to an advanced stage where enterprises are increasingly relying more on cloud infrastructures.
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Internet of Things
Analyst Opinion: Managing cultural challenges as technologies converge
March 2016
Today, it would be rare to attend a technology conference where convergence is not mentioned in some way.
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Convergence confusion is causing business leaders to launch ill-judged initiatives
May 2014
"Most organisations have a limited view of the changes driven by convergence and as such are uncertain of the impact on their business and the industry context in which they operate."
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Multi-faceted omni-convergence
January 2013
Convergence has been much discussed over the last decade, however it is over the last three years or so that the communications market has undergone radical changes.
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Communication is key
July 2010
Optimising staff productivity through technology can really boost an SMB