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Bitera data centre in Jakarta declares operational readiness

Mon, 5th Feb 2024

Bitera, a top-tier data centre located in the Kuningan area of Jakarta's main business district, has declared its operationally ready. The establishment announced that it had successfully completed Level 5 commissioning tests or Integrated Systems Testing in January 2024. These tests were conducted under the supervision of Commissioning Agents Inc. (CAI), a leading US data centre commissioning firm. Post-testing, the facility began servicing its first batch of clients and is preparing for a grand launch by the end of February 2024.

The remarkable nine-storey facility of Bitera has a critical IT load capacity of 20 MW across more than 8,600 square meters of colocation space. This is large enough to accommodate up to 4,000 racks. As a Tier-III+ certified establishment, Bitera assures to offer a high degree of reliability and security. Apart from its technical advantages, the facility further provides luxurious amenities such as meeting rooms, office spaces, and client lounges. It holds certifications from ISO 27001 and Uptime Institute TCCD, and aspires to gain TCCF certification by February-end 2024.

Based on a report by Structure Research, Indonesia's digital economy stood at $77 billion in 2022 and is estimated to expand to $360 billion. This points to a significant potential for data centres to foster the digital economy in Indonesia. The research also anticipates a threefold growth in colocation capacity in Jakarta, escalating from 152 MW to 463 MW from 2023 to 2028.

Bitera's CEO, Tedy Harjanto, expressed, "Indonesia, particularly Jakarta, has played a crucial role in the digital economy of the Asia Pacific. Our presence aligns with our vision to support Indonesia's digital economy and sustainable growth by enabling the digitalization of local businesses and financial institutions." Tedy also emphasized that Bitera is committed to supporting Indonesia's goal for Net Zero Emissions by 2060 by implementing energy-efficient strategies to minimise its carbon footprint.

Guillaume Berthet, Director of APAC Data Center Services at CAI, remarked on Bitera's readiness, "We are proud to be chosen by Bitera as the commissioning agent for their flagship data center. We are pleased to announce that all 5 levels of commissioning at Bitera have been successfully completed, not only meeting the requirements but also exceeding stringent test parameters, ensuring optimal performance and reliability."

Bitera prides itself as Jakarta's most secure data centre, backed up by an availability Service Level Agreement (SLA) of five9s. The centre has eight layers of 24/7/365 access and security. The data centre also benefits from 2N redundancy for power supply from two diverse main substations. The facility is strategically situated just 500 meters from significant internet exchange points, offering a range of network providers and low-latency connectivity options for clients. As a part of Bitera's sustainability focus, the facility employs eco-friendly cooling systems and operates with 100% renewable energy using Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) sourced from PLN, the State Electricity Company of Indonesia.

With the data centre now in service, Bitera anticipates exceeding client expectations by offering advanced data solutions. The data centre is an affiliate of the MMS Group Indonesia, a renowned sustainable asset management company with nearly two decades of presence in the Indonesian energy and property sectors. The MMS Group has earned multiple awards for its contributions towards the sustainable energy transition of the country.